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              Joëlle listens, both to my words and my body. She combines what I tell her with her excellent instincts for where my pain is and what will bring relief. Sometimes she'll do something that seems counterintuitive; I've finally learned to stop being amazed when it works. I can still feel the positive effects of her work days later. I depend on her to help me find my balance!   


             I developed piriformis muscles syndrome which caused severe pain. Physical therapy did not help, and a physiatrist suggested I try Shiatsu. After an extensive discussion of my problem followed by an hour of massage, I was amazed to feel complete relief from this pain that had nagged me for weeks. The treatment was done with clothing on, and the use of fingertips and palms, rather than the forceful kneading of muscles one associates with massage. I would particularly recommend Joëlle for work with older adults like myself. She takes time to explore with the patient what may be wrong, what results we hope for, and works on the body with care and gentleness.

- Jane

Types of Massage Therapy

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            I don't have any particular ailment, but between an overly sedentary lifestyle and everyday stress and demands, I find myself sometimes knotted up and grumpy. A good, or even great, massage therapist could help somewhat, but there's no one like Joelle. Not only does she have perfect technique and extensive knowledge of human anatomy and energy pathways, but she also has unparalleled sensitivity and, let's say it frankly, healing capacities, that always leave me marveled ... and grateful. She is a marvelous person, with a heart of gold to match those wonderful hands of hers, and a smile that warms you up to the core. You go in a knotted mess, you come out feeling like a well-oiled engine, ready to conquer the world, after having been truly cared for. Run to her! You will be very happy you did.

Acupressure and Massage