Joëlle uses a variety of techniques in her practice. Some originated thousands of years ago in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Shiatsu: the Japanese form of meridian work.
  • Thai Massage: excellent for joints, improves overall flexibility
  • Acupressure: focuses on specific points
  • Myofascial Release: works on the connective tissue
  • Deep Tissue Massage: works on your deeper muscular layers
  • Sports Massage: designed for everyone

If you experience stress, pain, tension, schedule a massage with Joëlle Follette

$85/hour. $45/thirty minutes, $125/ninety minutes.

House calls are for the Boston and Cambridge areas. They are made through referrals only.

The biggest benefits of my variety of training is that I truly address all aspects of your person. I can touch sore spots and help your mind relax, not just your body.

I can help you find the root cause of your issue and hopefully it will stop bothering you. And most importantly, while we have a session, you are the only person that matters. It is all about you.

Office Hours

Tue, Wed, Thu: 2:00pm - 8:00 pm.

               Joëlle listens, both to my words and my body. She combines what I tell her with her excellent instincts for where my pain is and what will bring relief.

Sometimes she'll do something that seems counterintuitive; I've finally learned to stop being amazed when it works. I can still feel the positive effects of her work days later. I depend on her to help me find my balance! 

- Kristin

Massage Therapy Benefits


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Call:  (617) 767-6182

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